Thursday, July 12, 2012

ARDUINO UNO R2,R3 USB HID Keyboard @115,200bps

I’ve compiled a new USB firmware for ARDUINO UNO R2, R3.

Darren’s original USB firmware only supports 9,600bps for a generic HID Keyboard. This is a new step for me to make another step forward.


Here I share the binary.


And it’s working fine like the following~


Anonymous said...

Thats Great! Congrats!
Can you use Uno in normal mode too?i.e. Can you upload sketch into on-board ATmega328 chip as well?

Does it support Virtual COM mode and HID mode both or just HID mode?


Unknown said...

Yeah... you could use the HID mode only. The firmware is for ARDUINO UNO DFU as an alternative firmware for AT90USB82 on the UNO. You could find more about this firmware at the following URL.

I've just changed the serial data rate from 9600 to 115200bps. All you need to do is to send appropriate 8-byte packet to the AT90USB82.


Unknown said...

I will post some other versions for Windows keyboard special functions later. ^^ All you can do is just HID Keyboard messages now~!

Lachlan Miller said...

Hi Voila. I noticed that you were using windows. I am trying to get windows to work to, but the windows special functions are not working, i.e mute, volume up and volume down even using your 115200bps version, do you have a special version for windows keyboard special functions? could you post it? or make one?


Unknown said...

I'll post another version in a month or later. Good luck to all of you!

RON said...


Have you ever tryed to change an Cheap asian replicas witch are sell on ebay?

thank you

Unknown said...

Most of te Chinese clones work fine.

gusaaaaa said...

Darren's firmware fails to read the keyboard status. Could you solve that problem? How? Can you please share the source?


def1 said...

cool. any chance we get 115200 baud version for mega 2560 aswell ?