Monday, July 16, 2012

The world’s 1st 120-RTTTL-ringtone random player for Arduino UNO.

This is a silly but retro and antique effort to save the old memoir of Nokia fans. I read all the related posts and found that it’s no easy to implement such a ringtone player on an Arduino.

I finally succeeded to fabricate the simplest form of it on my own. RTOS is critical for playing tones and doing some other tasks at the same time. This result will help a lot of future Arduino users with audible pleasures.

Let’s think about some robots play sound when it does something fun or serious. It will open another dimension of fun electronics projects.

After deep dive into the web, I found that DUINOS is not compatible with the new Arduino 1.0.x IDE’s. ChibiOS is one of the simple and small RTOS for Arduino. It uses libraries only. That means it could survive the future upgrade of Arduino IDE.

Let’s think and learn more about the real nature of multithreading and real time operation.

Are you ready to dive into the whole new dimension?
Let’s multiply the ability of our little cybernetic mind!

The video shows its running free.

All the source codes are posted on my github repository.
The future will be iterated into another way!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ARDUINO UNO R2,R3 USB HID Keyboard @115,200bps

I’ve compiled a new USB firmware for ARDUINO UNO R2, R3.

Darren’s original USB firmware only supports 9,600bps for a generic HID Keyboard. This is a new step for me to make another step forward.


Here I share the binary.


And it’s working fine like the following~